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New Colchester Food Pantry to Open


Residents of Colchester who have trouble putting enough food on the dinner table will soon have another resource.

The Colchester Area Relief Effort or “CARE” has been organized in just a couple months. Alderwoman Frances Welch is one of the organizers. She says a lot has been accomplished in that time including the the formation of a board, adoption of by-laws and acquisition of a site.

Welch says the “honor system” might be used instead of set times for distribution.

She says, “We're looking and thinking about letting people come whenever they want to. And our purpose or code or whatever you want to call it will be 'Take what you need and need what you take.'”

Welch says a food pantry in Roseville uses a similar model with great success.

She says CARE is waiting for approval of its non-profit status so it can begin taking donations. The organization will purchase food from the River Bend Food Bank in Moline to get the most food for its money.

Welch says the long-term goal is to add programs for children. Those could include collecting school supplies and a weekend backpack food program to provide good nutrition when kids aren't in school.

The food pantry should open next month at 108 East Depot Street.