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Bushnell Sewer Project Moves Forward

Bushnell is moving forward on a project to replace sewer lines in the Wells-Hale part of the city.

Mayor Steve Russell says construction should begin in the spring.

He says, “(We'll) try to make them larger. Try to handle flow. You know, people were getting backed-up in their basements, stuff like that when we did have rain. So we're hoping that this will help cure some of that.”

Russell says the city will have to coordinate the construction with the golf course since some of the lines run under it.

The city will pay for the project with a $1.6 million loan from the USDA's Rural Development program. The city will pay a 2.75% interest rate over 40 years.

The city will issue the same amount in bonds as collateral for the loan.

The city is looking to replace most of its sewer lines. Russell says the cost forces the city to take a long-term approach.

He says, “We know that just from a general survey that we had of all of our sewers that it'll cost $11 million so we're going to do it in phases.”