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Keokuk City Council Considers "Bacon"

Angelica Finch says even though her family has only owned "Bacon" for a few weeks, he has become part of the family.

"Bacon" is a two-month-old miniature pot-belly pig given to Finch's five-year-old daughter as a birthday present.

Finch says she did not know that pot-belly pigs were prohibited in Keokuk until the animal control officer told her he had received a complaint from a neighbor about "Bacon."

That prompted Finch to ask the Keokuk City Council to change city law to include pot-belly pigs as domestic animals, similar to cats and dogs.

City code prohibits pigs if the house they are living in is less than 150-feet from another residence.

"I am really hoping that this does not end badly," says Finch, "I know it will be devastating to my kids just to get rid of him.  We have had him for about 3 weeks now and they (Finch's children) have become rather attached as well as the pig rather attached to them."

Finch says "Bacon" will grow to be about 40 pounds and is already potty-trained.

Keokuk's code revision committee has scheduled a meeting on the request for September 27.

Chairman Mike O'Connor says this will give the committee time to speak with vets, research pot-belly pigs and see how other cities handle such animals.

Finch says, in the meantime, she is looking for a temporary home for "Bacon."  That could be at a local vet or a home outside of Keokuk city limits.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.