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Debris Removal Continues in Hamilton

Hamilton could soon get more involved in the clean-up of what remains of two downtown buildings.

The two buildings in the middle of the 900 block of Broadway were damaged by a fire last January.  That fire also killed a young child and damaged some nearby structures.

Steve Froman owns one of the buildings.

Police Chief Robb Bell says Froman has been working to clear the debris from his property for about two weeks.  Bell says the site clean-up could be wrapped up within the next two weeks.

Bell says the bigger issue, at this point, is what remains of the second building.

He says the out-of-town owners have stopped communicating with the city and have skipped court appearances required to address the situation.

Bell says that is why Hamilton is seeking a court order that would allow it to move in and clean up the property.

He anticipates the court order being handed down within the next week.

Once it is in place, an engineering firm will be brought in to determine the appropriate method for removing the large pile of debris.

Bell says the city would probably place a lien on the property to try to recover some of the money spent by the city.  The cost will depend on the engineering firm’s advice.

Several neighbors have voiced concerns about the safety and environmental concerns associated with the debris.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.