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Should Chickens Come Home to Roost in Macomb?

The Macomb Planning Commission is reviewing whether those living in residential areas should be allowed to raise chickens.

“I think it's a progressive move to maybe think about allowing this. (Let's) see what people want,” said Commissioner Chris McDaniel.

Residents are allowed to keep chickens in some of the nation's largest cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, and St Louis. But Community Development Coordinator Ed Basch pointed out those are urban areas with no agricultural land nearby.

“You're gonna have to travel a pretty good distance to find a place that's agricultural in nature where you can have chickens,” Basch said of those cities, adding there are plenty of such places in the vicinity of Macomb.

Supporters of the change consider it a lifestyle choice. Opponents worry about health hazards and enforcement. Commissioner Linda Jobe questioned whether owners would continue to properly care for the animals once the novelty wore off.

Commissioner Dustin Berg suggested a simple solution.

“A chicken is not a dog so if you get tired of a chicken you eat it.”

The commission will hold a public forum on the matter October 10, 5:15 pm at Macomb City Hall.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.