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Voter Registration Push Underway


The League of Women Voters of McDonough County is trying to make it as easy as possible to register to vote in time for the November election. The effort ties into a national registration drive scheduled for Tuesday, September 25.

The LoWV will register voters September 20 at Eisenhower Towers in Macomb, September 25 at Macomb High School and Prairieview Homes, September 26 at the Western Illinois University Union, and September 27 at Bushnell-Prairie City High School.

Details can be found on the Tri States Public Radio on-line events page.

Egler said those who wish to register to vote must present two pieces of identification. Both must contain their name and one must include their address.

“So almost anything works. A piece of mail, a birthday card, a bill, a driver's license, a social security card, a student ID. Any of those things are satisfactory,” Egler said.

Egler said this is a non-partisan effort. She said the LoWV will register anyone who meets the qualifications.

She said democracy depends on having an informed and educated electorate willing to make decisions about who should represent them.

“We're hoping that by the act of registering they will want to become educated so that they can vote,” Egler said.

Egler said the final day to register is October 9 if you wish to vote on election day. She said registration will then continue until November 3 at the courthouse, but after October 9 you will have to cast your ballot at the time you register.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.