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Illinois License Plate Fee to Support DNR

Rich Egger

It will probably cost Illinois residents an extra two-dollars to renew their license plates next year. 

The money will help fund the Department of Natural Resources, which has seen its budget cut in half during the past decade. The DNR said that has left it with roads, sewage treatment plants, and roofs that "absolutely" need maintenance work.

The license plate sticker will also serve as a pass for Illinois residents to all of the state parks and recreation areas in Illinois.

DNR contemplated charging an admission fee or requiring an annual pass.  But Director Marc Miller said this keeps parks more accessible.

“DNR has a broad reach, not just state parks, not just hunting and fishing, but permitting, economic development, water resources,” Miller said. 

The measure would also allow DNR to create or increase other fees, like for a commercial fishing license and taking an ATV out on a trail.

The governor is expected to sign the measure, which was sent to him during the first week of the legislature’s fall veto session.

Thanks to Illinois Public Radio

Rich is TSPR's News Director.