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Health Care Layoffs in Keokuk

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Keokuk Health Systems says it has significantly reduced its workforce.

Duane Fitch is the President of Fitch Healthcare.  The suburban Chicago firm was hired by Keokuk Health Systems to help manage Keokuk Area Hospital and its other operations.

Fitch says the equivalent of 24 full-time employees was let go. 

He says that actually works out to about 30 positions because a few of the affected employees were working part-time.

“It’s a very sad day for those folks and for Keokuk Area Hospital and Keokuk Health Systems,” says Fitch, “as we say goodbye to folks who have been very dedicated to serving the community and the patients.  Many of these folks have been around here for a very long time.” 

Fitch says the layoffs were spread out over multiple departments.

He says no services are being cut at this time.

Fitch says the layoffs are needed as Keokuk Health Systems tries to address its financial challenges.  He says the biggest is the high number of low-income residents seeking care.

More than 275 people remain employed throughout Keokuk Health Systems.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.