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Wailand Might Work on Macomb Election Code

Rich Egger

Macomb Second Ward Alderman-Elect Steve Wailand said one of the first issues he might tackle after taking office is to clarify the city’s election code.

“I think that would be one thing that I would like to work on just so that something like this might never happen again,” Wailand said, referring the ordeal he experienced in the 50% Plus One case.

He suggested there should not be a February election for races that have just two candidates. Those candidates would instead square off in the April election. He said a February election could still be held for races in which there are three or more candidates.

I would like to work on [the election code] just so that something like this might never happen again

Wailand said it’s been stressful the past couple months after it appeared he won the February election, only to be told that he failed to meet the city’s threshold of 50% plus one of the vote. Judge Rodney Clark ruled on April 26 that the city was wrong to impose a rule that does not appear in its election code and declared Wailand victorious.

“It’s been interesting. It was a very great civics lesson, one that you could probably never learn in a classroom,” Wailand said.

“But it’s over. It feels like there’s a big weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Wailand said Mayor Mike Inman called shortly after the ruling was announced and they agreed to meet to talk about city issues.

Wailand will be sworn into office Monday, May 6.  He said he’s excited and ready for the responsibility – and the lessons he learned from the 50% Plus One experience won’t be forgotten.

“It really helps me understand different people’s opinions, how to work with those people who have different opinions than myself.”

Rich is TSPR's News Director.