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SCC Redistricting Approved


The Board of Trustees for Southeastern Community College has adopted new district boundaries.

SCC’s service area includes portions of Lee, Des Moines, Henry, Louisa & Washington Counties.

The region is divided into five districts with each district (@20,000 people) being represented by one person on the Board of Trustees.

The college must adjust the boundaries every ten years to account for population shifts.

The new plan, which takes effect July 1, 2013, includes one significant change.

District V (Janet Fife-LaFrenz) will now include Franklin, Cedar and Marion townships in Lee County.

There is a slight change to Districts III (Dave Walker) and IV (Moudy Nabulsi) as they will exchange one voting precinct in Burlington for another to balance the numbers.

The plan leaves District I (Brian Roth) and District II (Lanny Hillyard) intact.

The new boundaries will be in effect for the September school elections as the seats in Districts II & III will be on the ballot.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.