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West Burlington Schools Increasing Fees

It will cost a little more to attend school in West Burlington next year.

The West Burlington School Board has agreed to boost fees for textbooks, band uniforms, driver education and yearbooks.

The panel has also established reduced textbook and driver education fees for students who did not have to pay for either in the past.

Superintendent Dave Schmitt says additional textbook money is needed next year.

"We are looking at a major textbook purchase coming up next year," says Schmitt, "and we want to try to recoop some of the money to pay for that."

The school board has also established repair fees for the new tablet devices being purchased for student use.

The 1st repair will cost $25 while the second will cost $100.

All subsequent repairs would cost the user the price of a new device.

Schmitt says it's important to note there will be no rental fees for the devices, which should be arriving in a matter of weeks.

Teachers in the West Burlington School District will receive an additional 4.1% in total compensation next year.

Most administrators and non-union employees will receive similar packages.

Superintendent Dave Schmitt says language changes were minimal in the new one-year deal with the district’s teachers.

The West Burlington School District plans to do a little more than $100,000 worth of construction projects this summer.

Superintendent Dave Schmitt says a focus will be the high school music room.

"Right now, we have tiers of steps," says Schmitt.  "We are looking to level that out to provide more flexibility in the room for the students.  The room is also bigger when it's flat.  With the tiers, it's not quite as spacious."

The summer checklist also includes upgrades to the elementary school bathrooms and the junior high – high school parking lot.

Money left over from two larger projects will be used to pay for this work.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.