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Illinois Legislature Approves Conceal-Carry


Governor Pat Quinn says he will “review” legislation allowing people to carry guns in public.

The measure sailed through the General Assembly Friday afternoon.  The House approved it, 89-to-28, shortly after Senators approved it on a vote of 45-to-12.

Many of the ideas in this legislation have been out there for months: permits will cost $150, and guns will not be allowed in places such as schools and street fairs.

But unlike one prior plan, cities and counties can keep existing local gun rules -- like Cook County's assault weapons ban. But the concealed carry law will apply statewide.

“There ought to be 59 green lights for this,” said Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine), referring to the number of state senators. He said there are risks if a federally-mandated June 9 deadline is not met – most notably, the possibility of conceal-carry being allowed anywhere in Illinois.

But Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago), who participated in negotiations between the House and Senate, instead urged his fellow senators to “vote their conscience.”

“No, I am not happy with the end result. But my journey and my assignment was not to achieve my own personal happiness. My assignment was to negotiate a bill," Raoul said.

Both chambers had several lawmakers who said they weren’t satisfied, but they were clearly in the minority.