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Excessive Rain Hurting Corn Crop

The extremely wet spring southeast Iowa is experiencing could hurt local corn production.

Bob Dodds with Iowa State University-Extension says about 80% of the available acres have been planted to this point.

He says that is behind schedule, especially compared to 2012.

Dodds says the problem is that some of the acres are in jeopardy.

“A fair number of acres are underwater,” says Dodds, “with water standing in the fields.  We are concerned with the acres along the Des Moines River and the Skunk River and other rivers here in southeast Iowa.  Some of those acres may need to be replanted.”

Dodds says it’s important for farmers to not rush back into the fields.

He says their heavy equipment can push seeds farther into the ground, stunting their growth.

Dodds says given all of the factors, yields could be down as much as 25% this year.

He says moisture levels could also be much higher, which means farmers will have to spend more money to dry their corn for storage.

Dodds says it is important for farmers to talk to their FSA representative and their crop insurance agent to determine how to proceed.

He says some acres will be shifted from corn to soybeans due to the later planting season.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.