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Parking Still Concern in Macomb Downtown Plan

Rich Egger

Macomb’s downtown revitalization committee is still unable to reach a decision on which plan to present to the city council.

The committee’s main concern is parking. One of the plans would cause 60 parking spaces to be removed downtown, while the other would cut 80.

Although parking is a hot button issue for the committee, City Administrator Dean Torreson feels it’s not the city’s biggest concern.

“I don’t want to lose sight of the larger goal,” said Torreson. “And that is to create a downtown environment that changes everyone’s perception of the downtown.”

Renovations to the square’s surface will cost an estimated $3.5 million. Torreson said that will include street and sidewalk repairs, landscaping, and lighting improvements.

It’s not known how much it might cost to make underground infrastructure improvements.

Torreson estimates the project will begin next year and be finished sometime in in 2015. He said he plans to meet with the committee to come up with a cumulative timeline for the project.