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Rolling Billboards Coming to Macomb

Macomb’s public transportation is getting a makeover -- one that pays.

The Macomb City Council approved a motion that will allow McDonough County Public Transportation to enter into a contract with Houck Transit Advertising.

MCPT’s goal is to advertise on at least 30 Go West buses in order to bring in money for its facility. The advertising would be open to local, regional, and national businesses.

Transit Director Gary Ziegler said Houck Transit Advertising finds the advertising, but MCPT has the final say.

“We will have a chance to review the advertising before it goes on the buses,” said Ziegler.

“We have veto power over that. If we think that the advertising maybe inappropriate or is offensive in some way, we can veto that advertising and not allow it on the bus.”

MCPT would receive 50% of the ad revenue. A built-in minimum of $12,000 is guaranteed to MCPT, but Ziegler expects to see more money than that.