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Job Cuts Still Possible in Galesburg

After weighing its options, the City of Galesburg may still cut jobs.

The city council held a budget work session Friday that included discussing possible cuts to city staff including to the police and fire departments.

Yeah you can cut paper clips, but that's not where the money is being spent.

Sixth Ward Alderman, Wayne Allen, said the work session provided no new alternatives.

"I think that we have to cut down on staff and the city manager had proposed a cut in staff that won't hurt the function of the city and I think that's what we need to follow is his recommendation," Allen said.

Allen said he thought the cuts should have been made two or three years ago. 

Fifth Ward Alderman Peter Schwartzman said one of the reasons the cuts weren't made earlier was that the then new city manager needed time to understand Galesburg's budget situation.

He added the possible staff cuts are unfortunate but they address one of the main pressures on the city’s finances.

"The employment portion of the budget is huge in almost any of these departments, yeah you can cut paper clips, but that's not where the money is being spent. The money is on human beings, again they are doing a wonderful job," Schwartzman said.

He said that the city needs to look at using its assets better, saying there are too many empty or underused city buildings.

Schwartzman also  pointed out that Galesburg has not had a strategic plan in more than ten years. Though he said a new strategic plan would itself cost a significant amount.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.