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SE IA Still Recovering from 2012 Drought

Iowa DNR

Most of Iowa, including the southeast part of the state, is still recovering from the effects of last year’s drought.

That’s the message of the Iowa DNR’s latest Water Survey.

Southeast Iowa is still considered to be in moderate drought and it’s shallow groundwater is “at or near historic lows.”

Chad Fields who has been a DNR Geologist for ten years said the dry conditions last year were “nuts” and the groundwater will take some time to recover.

He said surface water sources, like lakes and rivers, can recover rather quickly unlike shallow groundwater.

"It doesn't respond as fast. It's kind of like a long term investment account, so you take money out of it over time, that dwindles it and it take a while for you to add that money to where you'd like it to be," he said.

Fields said it will take at least several months of average or above average rainfall to bring the groundwater measure back to normal levels.

He said some cities, towns and private homeowners get their water from shallow groundwater sources.