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NE MO Rep. Votes to Change Obamacare

The US House passed legislation Friday that would allow Americans to keep their health insurance plans, even if they don’t meet the guidelines set by the Affordable Care Act.

Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO 6) was one of the 160 republicans and 4 democrats who cosponsored the “Keep Your Health Plan Act.”

It was passed with mostly republican votes (222 Republicans, 39 Democrats). Representative Graves’ Communication Director, Chris Averill, said the congressman is responding to the people from his district.

"We've received dozens of phone calls, emails, (and) Facebook messages, telling us about their stories of receiving cancelation letters and then subsequently looking for a new plan that would have a higher premium and a higher deductible," Averill said.

He said even though the President has made an announcement extending the affected plans for a year, the congressman believes actual legislation is required to alter the law. Also the “Keep Your Health Plan Act” lets insurance companies sell new policies that meet the old rules, something the President's change does not.

Averill added that the congressman has long opposed the Affordable Care Act, especially the mandate that all people buy insurance.

Joining Congressman Graves (R-MO 6) in voting for the bill were Representatives Dave Loebsack (D-IA 2), and Aaron Schock (R-IL 18).

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.