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Brady Pushes for Performing Arts Center Money

Rich Egger

State Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) said it’s long past time for the state to release the construction money for a Performing Arts Center at Western Illinois University.

“The money is there in the bond program. Why the governor hasn’t released it – he should release it,” said Brady during a campaign appearance at WIU. “It’s holding Western Illinois hostage at the expense of the students, the faculty, and the community. It isn’t fair.”

Brady said if the money is not released this year and he is elected governor, he will make sure the money is released to build the PAC.

Brady also said he would push for creation of a 30-year infrastructure program to repair and maintain the state’s transportation system.

“As great as our geographical presence is in this nation, we need to make sure that we maintain the value of our road, river, and air,” said Brady.  He called shorter-term capital programs “political gimmicks.”

He said his top priority as governor would be job creation, and the infrastructure program would help achieve that goal.

The radio story

Brady, who described himself as a “social and fiscal conservative,” is one of four Republicans seeking the party’s nomination for governor in the March 18 primary.  He was the party’s nominee in 2010, when he narrowly lost the general election to Democrat Pat Quinn.

Brady also told the small gathering at Western that he would eliminate the Illinois State Board of Education -- which he said would save millions of dollars -- and he said elimination of the personal income tax is a long-term goal, “…something that would take probably at least ten years.”

Rich is TSPR's News Director.