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Oman Rail Delegation Could Visit Galesburg


A small group of railroad-related businesses from the Galesburg area took part in a trade mission to Oman in February.  Now they're hoping Oman reciprocates.

Gary Camarano, Global Strategies Director for the City of Galesburg, said he is finalizing details for the Oman rail delegation to visit Illinois.

“They’ve just kind of scratched the surface of the rail expertise we have in Illinois so I suggested that they come to Illinois and spend a few days here,”  he said.

Oman is planning to build 2,400 miles of rail at a projected cost of $15 billion. Camarano said Oman wants to “connect their deep sea ports and their logistics centers with the rest of the Gulf cooperating countries.”

They've just kind of scratched the surface of the rail expertise we have in Illinois...

Oman, located on the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, plans to eventually have rail lines that link to Africa and the old ‘Silk Road’ trade routes that connected China and Europe.

Referring to the Sultanate of Oman as the “Switzerland of the Middle East,” Camarano is enthusiastic about the chances of Oman spending money with rail-related industries in west central Illinois as well as throughout the state.

Oman investments could include everything from railroad logistics, ties, joints, signals, locomotives, and passenger and freight cars.