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Lightning Damages Conservation Office

Lee County Conservation Board

The recent stormy weather has taken a toll on one Lee County Department.

Conservation Director Tom Buckley says lightning struck a large, outdoor lamp-post near the department’s headquarters over the weekend.

He says the lightning followed an electric line to the building.

“It actually blew the siding away from the side of the building and it blew the sheetrock on the inside of the building, blew that open, scattered a bunch of debris around.”

Buckley says the building has no power, phone or internet at this time and he does not know how long services will remain down.

Credit Courtesy / Lee County Conservation Board
Lee County Conservation Board

He says an insurance claim is being prepared and an electrician has been on-site.

Buckley says staff will keep working in county parks or other outdoor locations.  He says they will still have their cell phones.

"The main issues we have is... this is the time of year where we do a lot of work with private landowners on helping them with CRP ground, renting equipment and those kinds of things.  For them to try to get in touch with us, to find out if equipment is available for rental and those types of things will be more of a challenge."

A spare cell phone is being used as the office phone.  The phone number is (319) 759-8614.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.