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Annual Tax Sale In Lee County


More than 1,000 properties in Lee County will be sold through an auction on Monday, June 16.  The vast majority are located in Keokuk.

The properties on the block belong to owners who failed to pay their taxes on-time.

Deputy Treasurer Jeanne Cooper said the prices for the properties have already set.  There will be a drawing to see who gets first opportunity to buy them.

"They have to pre-register to be there (and) I assign everyone a number. (I then) read off the list that is listed in the newspaper. I draw a number, if that person does not want it then I usually keep drawing until I actually have someone that had raised their hand for it," said Cooper.

Buyers will receive a tax sale certificate about a week after the sale.  They must then wait one year and nine months before they can take the next legal step and obtain their property rights.

Properties can be taken off the list if an owner pays their taxes by 4:30 P.M. on Friday, June 13.