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Former AD Draws Final Paycheck From WIU

Western Illinois University's former Athletic Director Dr. Tim Van Alstine reached a resignation agreement with Western in May of last year.Neither Van Alstine or the University have commented on the reason behind the resignation.

As part of that agreement, he remained on payroll through the end of the five-year contract he signed in June 2009. Van Alstine will receive his final paycheck from the school this month.

Western's Budget Director Matt Bierman says Van Alstine’s been earning $10,966 a month plus benefits while no longer employed by the university. That adds up to an annual salary of $131,592.

“That is not a common thing," Bierman said. "That is an anomaly. We have a situation at the university where if you’ve worked here a certain amount of time you are required a certain amount of notice. I don’t want to say a lot but that’s a situation that is not common and yes he will continue to be paid through the end of the month.”

Van Alstine spent a dozen years with Western. He declined to comment on his current employment status.

He was listed as a finalist in the search for the University of Sioux Falls’ Athletic Director in March. That position was ultimately filled by another candidate.  

Shortly after Van Alstine's resignation, WIU named Tommy Bell as the Director of Athletics.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.