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Warren County Expands Health Care Services

TSPR's Emily Boyer

The Warren County Health Department is expanding its medical care to meet patients’ needs.

General lab testing along with STD testing and treatment are now available, without a doctor’s order.

Community Health Coordinator Carrie Green said the low cost testing is not billed to insurance. That will assist patients facing high deductibles or other issues with their health insurance policies.

“A lot of insurances now only cover one lab draw per year and so for people wanting to monitor their blood multiple times through the year, this is an option for them,” Green said.

Green said these services should curb residents’ need to travel outside the county for health care. 

“We did have people coming down to McDonough County and going up to Moline and Rock Island health departments because we never had offered them in the past," Green said. "We hated seeing our residents have to drive so far to have labs drawn.”

The Warren County Health Department is also now offering the federal assistance program WIC for young children and their mothers who meet income restrictions.

“WIC helps to give healthy food to mom and baby and young child to give them a really great start in this life,” Green said.

The department has also increased staff to accommodate the new services and expected increase in patients.             

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.