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Energy Suppliers Solicit Galesburg Residents

lance robotson
Flickr Creative Commons

The city of Galesburg is warning residents about energy suppliers that are going door to door to drum up business.

Constellation Energy and U.S. Direct Marketing are registered with the city as peddlers and have been soliciting residents.

There have been complaints that representatives with those companies have been harassing people and using hard sell tactics.

City Clerk Kelli Bennewitz said neither company is affiliated with the city’s energy provider.

“It does get confusing for residents and sometimes they’re led to believe they are Ameren," Bennewitz said. "Ameren does not go door to door ever. The power is already through Ameren, the electricity is through Ameren so the people going door to door are a completely different company.”

Bennewitz said residents are free to switch to another energy supplier, but she said they are unlikely to find a better deal than what the city has worked out with Homefield Energy to provide Ameren service.                              

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.