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Bicycle Survey Underway in McDonough County

Residents of McDonough County are being asked to provide feedback on how to make the area more bicycle-friendly.

The Western Illinois Regional Council is conducting a bicycle survey.  The organization wants to know which roadways bicyclists frequent in the county and the conditions of the popular routes.

WIRC Spokesman Gary Zeigler said safety concerns have been raised about how close vehicles are to bicycles in some areas.

"There have been problems in the past," Ziegler said.  "A lot of the rural roads are not marked as bike ways and maybe are not actually in the type of condition they should be, in order for a bicyclist to be on the road."

The information collected from the online survey and a mailing sent to more than 600 households will be used to apply for state grants to improve and increase bike-friendly infrastructure across the county.

The organization also wants to develop more paths to make it easier for cyclists to access areas such as Spring Lake and Argyle Lake.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is paying for the study.