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July's Mild Temperatures Benefit Crops

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

This summer's cooler than average temperatures are keeping crops in good condition.This summer's weather has been much different than the past few years, when hot and dry conditions  worried many farmers.

Western Illinois University's Director of Agriculture Andy Baker said this season's cooler climate has been beneficial.

"You really don't see the plants rolling up or curling up like you'd usually see with high temperatures or humidity. So they're cool, and growing normally. The crops are doing good," Baker said.

Baker said the timing of the rainfall this summer has also created good conditions, especially for filling pods and kernels.

Reports from the USDAhave revealed steady and increasing rates for crops within Illinois.

Corn is currently rated in good to excellent condition.

Baker said it is hard to decipher what the rest of the season will bring, but current conditions are where they should be.