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New Law to Ban Smoking on Illinois College Campuses

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill to prohibit smoking on state-supported college or university campuses in the state. 

The law will go into effect July 1, 2015.

The law does not sit well with Western Illinois University student Erin Splan.

Smoking has been a 'stress reliever' for her, especially in between classes, so this new law makes her a bit uneasy.

"I feel as if it is an abuse of freedom a little bit. If they ban it, it's not really fair to those of us who have a hectic day and need a stress reliever," said Splan.

Governor Quinn said he signed the bill to improve and protect people's health.

Quinn also believes students should not be subject to unwanted cigarette smoke on the campuses they call home.

The governor also signed a law to restrict the display of e-cigarettes.