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Attacks Get Personal Between Quinn, Rauner

  They no longer had to do it through campaign commercials.Gov. Pat Quinn and his Republican opponent BruceRaunerfaced one another in a joint interview before the Chicago Tribune's Editorial Board Tuesday. So far, Quinn, a Democrat, and businessmanRauner, Republican's nominee, have contested one another from a distance. At this appearance, though, they were seated side-by-side.Hear the candidates interrupt one another

Hear a couple of the slurs the gubernatorial candidates lobbed back and forth

At times, that led to heated discussions; often the candidates talked over one another.

Still, the two men largely stuck to their talking points. Quinn, that Rauner tries to take credit for his business success -- success Quinn called "ill-gotten gain" -- while attempting to distance himself from the pitfalls.

"Well I think he's made a fortune out of the misfortune of workers, and everyday people. And I think he has a lot of explaining to do," Quinn said.

Rauner, that Quinn has not done enough to improve Illinois' fortunes in the six years he's been in charge, and who has allowed the culture of patronage to perpetuate.

"We know the corruption that's been going on with Pat Quinn and Rod Blagojevich. The only difference between Pat and Rod is the hair," Rauner said.

Both campaigns afterward claimed their man had shown why the other was not fit to be governor.

Attacks Get Personal Between Quinn, Rauner

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