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Knox College Enrollment Holds Steady

Rich Egger

Enrollment for the current school year at Knox College is remaining steady.

This year, the school admitted 402 new students, with a total enrollment of around 1,400 students total on campus.  

Dean of Admissions Paul Steenis says those numbers are similar to last year, but notes that the numbers can be considered a positive.

“Given the trends that are taking place nationwide, in terms of declining number of high school graduates in recent years, the increasing competitiveness of college students, the fact that we were able to remain even with last year is a very positive indication,” he says.

Steenis says that while enrollment numbers stayed the same, interest in the college is growing.

“We actually saw the largest applicant pool, by far, in the history of the college. We had over 3300 applications for admission, for those 400 spaces in the fall class. And it was about a 20% increase in applications over the previous year.”

Steenis says 43% of this year’s students are non-white, while 13% are international students, both of which are up from last year.

Knox College Enrollment Breakdown:

  • Applicants – 3,326 (2,263 offered admission)
  • Female:Male Ratio – 59:41
  • Non-White Students – 43%
  • International Students – 13%

Top Majors:

  • Psychology – 62
  • Pre-Medicine – 54
  • Business and Management – 51
  • Creative Writing – 43
  • Biology - 39