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Improvements to Galesburg Amtrak Station About to Begin

T.J. Carson

The City Council this week approved a project to enclose the north and south porch areas at the Amtrak station.

The north porch will be used as a bag check area, while the south porch will be a waiting area for customers.

Director of Community Development Roy Parkin said the south porch area will also be used by Burlington Trailways.

“A portion of the area is going to actually be the office ticket area for the Burlington Trailways.  So the bus will actually stop there, you can buy your tickets there, from that standpoint,” he said.

The project will cost around $550,000 to complete.  Parkin said the city will not have to put any of its own  money into the project.

“We have received a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation for the full amount.  So the city is not responsible for any of the costs,. It's all grant dollars.”

Construction is expected to begin in the next few weeks, with completion by the summer or fall of next year.

Parkin said the completion date depends on factors such as weather and logistics from Amtrak.