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Monmouth-Roseville Debates Funding Options

T.J. Carson

Funding solutions for the Monmouth-Roseville School District remain unknown after a proposed hike in the education fund tax rate was voted down in November’s elections.

The district was seeking an increase in the maximum rate from $2.25 to $3.00.  A similar plan was rejected by voters in the spring.

Superintendent Ed Fletcher said the margin of defeat was less the second time, but the situation is just as frustrating.

“Our state legislators are kicking the can and continuing to kick the can and not solving the problem,” Fletcher said of declining funding support from the state, which owes the district around $3.2 million.

The school board met this week for the first time since the election results.  Fletcher said the board is uncertain whether it will try a third time to pass a referendum.

“The board has to determine whether they want to do this again.  And if not, do they believe the community has spoken loud and clear two times?  And then determine what’s the next step to increase revenue if the state decides to prorate general revenue again,” Fletcher said.

The district has made cuts and implemented a deficit-reduction plan during the past few years to ease the impact of state funding cuts.

And even with a change in parties for governor in Illinois next year, Fletcher does not feel anything will improve the funding situation.