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Western Illinois Museum Has New Book by WIU Students

Two students from Western Illinois University worked together to create "The Troubling Tales of Old Macomb."Graduate student Zoey Schmalz wrote poems and historical background about six prominent figures who died unusual deaths in Macomb, while student Jade Dillard drew the cover and illustrations.

The tales were apart of the Western Illinois Museum's annual haunted tour that took place a few weeks ago.

Schmalz says how fun it was to research Macomb's past, and hopes others can experience it as well.

"There's a lot of history here that's not really known. We wanted to release it with the haunted museum event so when people came in to go through the museum, they would come out and ask us more information about it. Then we could refer them to the book," Schmalz said.

Schmalz wrote the tales as part of the museum's internship program.

"We started at the beginning of May, and we just finished it in October so it took quite awhile," Schmalz said.

Jade Dillard is a graphic communications major, with a minor in fashion merchandising. The museum had contacted her and asked to design the book.

"It's meant to be informational and so the kids can learn something about their hometown. It's also a little bit edgy so it kind of goes with the Halloween theme," Dillard said.

The book can be purchased at the museum.  It's also being given to new and renewing members and can be bought through