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Recycling in Rural Lee County

It will soon be easier for residents of rural Lee County to recycle.

In the past, they had to pay someone to come to their home or business to pick up their recyclables or they had to transfer the materials themselves. 

That will soon change thanks to a new partnership between the county and the Great River Regional Waste Authority.

The GRRWA will place collection trailers in five of the county's unincorporated communities.

  • Argyle
  • Charleston
  • Denmark
  • Mt. Hammil
  • Wever

The waste authority will routinely collect the trailers and haul them to its landfill near Fort Madison.  The cost to the county will be roughly $25,000/year.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Ernie Schiller said this was done with the future of the landfill in mind.

"That is really the goal is to extend that landfill from filling up," said Schiller.

Concerns have been raised about non-recyclable items ending up in the trailers, which has been an issue in Montrose for example.  The agreement between the county and the waste authority calls for an additional charge for the removal of such items.

Schiller said the one-year agreement will be reviewed after six months to see if changes or adjustments are needed.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.