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Quinn Prepares To Leave Office, Hints At His Future

state of Illinois

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn leaves office next week. The Democrat has been in politics for most of his career.

He spoke Tuesday in Chicago.

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"I believe in petition passing and I believe in referendums and I think those are things we need to have more of in Illinois, at the local level, in particular."

Quinn suggests having voters weigh in on budgets affecting the mentally ill and abused children.

He also says he’ll continue to raise awareness for veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

He spoke of his accomplishments during office. That list included signing same-sex marriage into law, and taking over the governor’s office on short notice after the arrest of his predecessor.

Quinn choked up when citing a letter he found written about his father - who had served in the Navy.

He said the letter listed values Quinn himself tried to employ as governor.

"He was at all times cheerful, earnest, cooperative, frank, and honest. His personal character is beyond reproach. He is liked and admired by all of his associates.’ So that’s what I’ve tried to in my public life."

When asked what Quinn will do after leaving office - he said he’ll continue to push progressive causes - and wants to see voters weigh in not just political offices, but also on issues.

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Tony Arnold