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Raises Recommended for Lee County Elected Leaders


Elected leaders in Lee County are now in line for significant salary increases this summer.

The raises were endorsed by the county's compensation board, which meets just one time each year to conduct one piece of business: it recommends salaries for the county's elected leaders.

And for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2015, it said they deserve an across-the-board increase of 4.5%. The recommendation is based on comparisons with similar counties in Iowa.

The elected leaders in line for the raise are:

  • Attorney Mike Short
  • Auditor Denise Fraise
  • Recorder Nancy Booten
  • Sheriff Jim Sholl
  • Treasurer Chris Spann
  • Supervisor Ron Fedler (Chair)
  • Supervisor Matt Pflug (Vice Chair)
  • Supervisor Rick Larkin
  • Supervisor Don Hunold
  • Supervisor Gary Folluo

If approved, the recommendation would also mean more money for the deputies in each department because their pay is based on the salaries for each elected leader.
The Board of Supervisors has the final say on the proposed raises.  Members have several options to consider:

  1. Accept the raises as presented
  2. Reduce them by a set percentage
  3. Reject them and freeze salaries for elected leaders

The supervisors can also treat the raises proposed for themselves in one manner and the raises for the other five elected leaders in another if they so choose.
The recommendation should be presented to the supervisors this week, but they will likely not consider it until budget talks get underway.

The county is currently negotiating new contracts with employees in two unions, which could factor into the final decision.  Employees in the sheriff's office are in line for 3.5% raises come July 1, 2015.
This comes as neighboring Des Moines County's elected leaders are poised to receive some generous pay raises as well.  Its compensation board recommended raises averaging more than 4%, based on comparable counties and inflation.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.