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Longer Deer Hunting Season Possible for Spring Lake

This winter was the first time archery deer hunting was allowed at Spring Lake Park in Macomb.

The season ran from November through mid-January. Site Manager Ryan Hansen would like to see archery hunting begin in October. 

"People tend to like to bow hunt when it’s warmer and they don’t have to be all bundled up," Hansen said. "Then when you overlap it with shotgun season and people have a choice, they tend to go shotgun hunting."

Hansen said he plans to ask the city council for permission to start the season in October this year. He would also like the council to reduce the number of hunting permits available. In addition, he wants to upgrade some of the infrastructure to better accommodate hunters. The improvements could include a dock to give them better access to one of the zones.

 Hansen said the late start last fall was a last minute compromise to get the Macomb City Council to allow archery deer hunting at the park. He said residents had raised safety concerns that people would want to continue using the trails near the hunting areas through the fall.  

"October 15th is the peak time for leaf watchers, those out walking and enjoying the fall. We thought since it was a pilot program we would exercise every caution," he said.

All of the 24 hunting permits available were given out.

"Some of the areas people felt it was crowded at the beginning when there's a tree stand every 50 yards," Hansen said. "But it seemed like the majority of the people went out a couple of times and then gave up."

Due to the dwindling deer population at the park, only two bucks were shot. He said a large portion of the deer have been killed off because of blue tongue disease.


Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.