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Working To Stop Teen Dating Violence


The Western Illinois Regional Council wants to help parents recognize signs of teen dating violence.

The WIRC said it used to be that one in ten teenagers experience dating violence.  Now it's one in three.

Victim Services Director Diane Mayfield said all parents and guardians have a duty to be aware of what's happening their children's relationships.

"The sad thing is, that I find, is that the majority of adults really are not acknowledging that his happens in their children's relationships, they aren't aware of the signs," said Mayfield.

Mayfield realized it's not an easy topic to talk about with children, but she said it's important parents keep the lines of communication open.

Mayfield has sponsored program specifically for adults to learn what dating violence is -- to learn the signs and how to talk to teens about the issue.

Mayfield described relationship violence as a pattern of behavior used by someone to maintain control over his or her partner.

It can take the form of verbal, physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse.