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Macomb City Administrator Retiring

Rich Egger
Dean Torreson began work as the Macomb City Administrator on January 2, 2008

Dean Torreson said he will leave at the end of the year after a long career in local government.

Torreson said he wants to spend time with his children and grandchildren in Iowa. 

The process to hire a new City Administrator will begin in late summer early fall.  Mayor Mike Inman said the job description will be advertised throughout the Midwest. 

The mayor hoped the city can find someone with prior experience.

“They would come with their own set way of doing business and hopefully we would concur with that when we made the selection and it would be a very short transition period,” Inman said.

He said other qualifications include someone who can put together a budget, act professionally, and run day-to-day operations of a city with a $34 million dollar budget.

Even though it will be a while before the search begins, Inman said the goal is to have the new person in place before Torreson leaves on December 31.

Torreson was the city administrator or city manager in four Iowa cities before he came to Macomb. He most recent job before  Macomb was in Spencer.