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Community Center Decision Delayed

T.J. Carson
Galesburg aldermen could choose the Boys and Girls Club building as a new community center.

It will take the city of Galesburg a little while longer to decide on a location for a community center.

A vote was scheduled for this week’s city council meeting to have the Boys and Girls Club house the center. But Sixth Ward Alderman Wayne Allen convinced his colleagues to table the issue until a future meeting.

“I don’t think it’s fair to the existing council people, or to the ones that are running, to put something in that’s multi-year without waiting for the new council, whether it be the same council or new people to be seated,” Allen said.

Allen said he also wanted to give people more time to review the agreement.

The plan calls for the city to contribute $115,000. The money would pay for capital improvements to the Boys and Girls Club building as well as salaries for club staff.  The money comes from the sale of the previous community center.

During this week's city council meeting, Allen also urged fellow aldermen to find a way to utilize the Armory.

That building was also suggested as a home for the community center.