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LaHood Discusses Social Security

T.J. Carson
State Senator Darin LaHood is seeking the Republican nomination in the congressional district his father, Ray, once represented.

A candidate in the special election to replace former Congressman Aaron Schock wants to make changes to Social Security.  But he's not sharing many details.

“I think there’s things we can look at with Social Security to make it more effective, efficient, and accountable to tax payers," said State Senator Darin LaHood (R-Dunlap). "It’s a system that needs to be looked at and needs to be reformed.”

Congressional Republicans have talked for years about reforming Social Security.  One idea they're promoted -- without success -- is to privatize the program.

Democrats are concerned that reforms to Social Security would result in cuts to the program.

LaHood spoke in Galesburg this week at the Chamber’s Legislative Luncheon.