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SCC to Build New Dorm in West Burlington

A look at what the new residence hall at SCC's West Burlington campus might look like.

Southeastern Community College (SCC) is in the midst of a multi-million dollar makeover, adding several new educational buildings to its campuses in West Burlington and Keokuk. Now, a four-story residence hall on the West Burlington campus has been added to the so-called "Building the Dream" campaign.

Dr. Michael Ash, SCC President, said the college could not pass on this opportunity.

"This is an exciting time," Ash said. "You don't typically see a residence hall of this caliber at a community college. You can see how we’re committed to completely transforming our college."

The college's Board of Trustees partnered with Campus Community Developers (CCD), a group of local developers and business leaders, on the housing project. CCD will pay to build the facility and will manage it, as well as the food service and retail space inside. The college will handle residence life staff and custodians.

The residence hall, which will sit on the site of a current parking lot near building 400, is expected to house up to 144 students. 

The college said the top three floors will feature suites that can house 4-6 students. The rest of the building will include food service, retail, a laundromat, common areas and study space.

Ash said the college could not have afforded to build such an elaborate facility without CCD's help. He's confident it will be a selling point for SCC.

"We would like to take it out and actually market it," Ash said. "Promote on-campus housing so that we can develop community life and student life right here on campus."

Construction should get underway in a few weeks, with completion slated for mid-August, just in time for the 2016 fall semester.

There are about 100 students currently living in three on-campus residence halls in West Burlington. Ash said the buildings will remain in operation until the new facility is up and running. Then, the college will decide what to do with them.

“With the "Building the Dream" initiative, we’re really upping our game," Ash said. "The new facilities are designed to attract not just local students, but students from outside the area. Now, in addition to providing modern academic facilities, we can offer an even higher quality residence life experience."

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.