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Macomb Ready to Hire New City Administrator

Sue McLaughlin
Sue McLaughlin will become Macomb's fourth city administrator. The others were Bob Morris, Mike Hayes, and Dean Torreson.

Sue McLaughlin is already a bit familiar with Macomb because in-laws live near the community.  Now she will be learning a great deal more about the town because she's been chosen to serve as its next city administrator.

“Every community has a personality. And I’ve learned over time that you need to take time to understand that personality and get to know them, and not just walk in the door and think you know what they’re about,” said McLaughlin, who’s scheduled to begin work in Macomb on February 29.

Aldermen still must ratify the contract.  They're expected to do so next week.

McLaughlin said she was drawn to the job by Macomb’s potential.

“It has a lot going for it. I think people really care about what’s happening. They’re very involved,” McLaughlin said.

She said she’s looking forward to collaborating with Western Illinois University and other entities, and feels there is already a great deal of collaboration happening.

McLaughlin said she has a strong financial acumen and a background in the development of TIF districts, business districts, and downtown streetscapes.

McLaughlin is a certified city manager and has 12 years of experience in municipal administration. She’s currently the county administrator in Bureau County, and has also held administration positions in Byron, Bloomington, Lincoln, Mattoon, and North Aurora.

Macomb Mayor Mike Inman said, “We’re very much impressed by her budget expertise, her negotiation skills, and she has a great personality.  I think those attributes are something we always look for in building a team.”

Inman said McLaughlin’s starting pay is $97,500. 

McLaughlin will replace Dean Torreson, who is retiring. Torreson agreed to remain on the job until his successor was in place and Inman expected Torreson’s final week to overlap McLaughlin’s first week.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.