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New Attorney for Former Burlington Alderman

A former member of the Burlington City Council member accused of sexually abuse minors has new legal representation following the promotion for his previous attorney.

Chris King is now being represented by Ross Braden, an attorney from Fort Madison. Braden replaced Jennifer Bailey, a public defender who was appointed District Associate Judge for southeast Iowa.

King was arrested in May. The charges against him include 3rd degree sexual abuse, supplying alcohol to minors and indecent exposure.

Authorities say King would contact his victims through his photo studio about helping out to receive discounts on their photos. He would, in turn, give them alcohol, drive them to locations in rural Des Moines County and make them “play” sexually-oriented games.

An additional set of charges against King was filed in July. The Burlington Police Department said, at the time, the new set of charges were related to different victims discovered during the investigation.

The two sets of charges have not been consolidated, so King faces two separate trials: April 19 & Aug. 2. It remains to be seen if the change in legal representation will result in a push to combine the trials or to delay them.

King served on the Burlington City Council from 2002-2005.