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Carl Sandburg College to Sell Another Building

T.J. Carson
Galesburg-based Carl Sandburg College is in talks with Bushnell city leaders about maintaining a presence in the McDonough County community, even though the school is closing its building in Bushnell.

The first building Carl Sandburg College sold this year is in Carthage. Now the college hopes to unload its building in Bushnell.

CSC President Lori Sundberg said the building in Bushnell doesn’t get used much anymore. She said classes are not being held in the building, and attendance numbers have dropped considerably  in the past ten years. 316 students were enrolled in Bushnell in 2005, but only 194 last year.

Sundberg said the services provided in Bushnell can be held in high schools and libraries so there is no need to keep the building.

“We can do dual credit without an actual, physical location,” Sundberg said. “The other part of our business that we’re doing is online, and we don’t need a physical location for that.”

Sundberg said the building will be appraised and sold after the closure on June 30. “It’s a really nice building in downtown Bushnell, would be a nice office building along those lines,” Sundberg said.

Sundberg said the college expected to save $150,000 to $200,000 annually once it sells the building and no longer needs to maintain it.