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Sex Discrimination Complaint at Knox College

Rich Egger

The federal Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has opened another investigation into sex discrimination at Knox College. 


The college made national news in 2014 when it was listed as one of the first 55 schools under federal scrutiny for sex-discrimination. Two investigations were opened at the time. A third was opened last month.



Since the first cases were opened, the OCR has announced 234 investigations at 184 schools. Of the colleges in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest consortium, Knox has the most and longest-standing investigations.


“That there are students who feel like their rights have been not upheld is heartbreaking,” said Kim Schrader, Title IX Coordinator for Knox College.


“These are heartbreaking circumstances for everyone. They don’t affect one person or two people, they affect every member of our community.”

Knox is not sure of its status with the investigations. None of the three cases have been resolved, and the OCR has only resolved 17% of its investigations nationally.