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Gift to OSF Galesburg to Address Children's Health Issues

T.J. Carson
Mark Kleine says the $1.5 million dollar gift had been in the works for around a year and a half, and aimed to help OSF's philantrophic initiatives.

Developers Mark and Jeannette Kleine gave $1.5 million to OSF St. Mary's in Galesburg to establish the Kleine Pediatric Wellness Center. The center will be housed inside the OSF Galesburg Clinic. 

Mark Kleine said one reason he wanted to establish the center is because it can be difficult at times to keep children healthy.

"Kids don’t get meals, kids don’t eat the right foods, kids have challenges at home and challenges at school," Kleine said. "We want to do something for the community so our kids grow up and be productive citizens in the community."

Kleine said the money will be spent on programming and bringing doctors to Galesburg, such as behavioral health specialists. He said money could also be allocated to preventative care programs that could teach kids healthy eating habits.

Kleine said he would also like to develop partnerships with organizations such as the YMCA.

"We hope that it's an active center that has involvement with other constituents in the community, and is actively working with kids in the community," Kleine said.

Kleine said programming is scheduled to begin early next year.