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New Hog Farm Possible Near Macomb

Joshuay04-Wikimedia Commons

A pork producer plans to build a hog farm in McDonough County. Tri Oak Foods, based in Oakville, IA, has chosen a 1.5 acre site south of U.S. Highway 136 and about four miles east of Macomb.

The land is owned by Scott Herndon, who lives between Macomb and Industry. Nick Biggs of Tri Oak Foods said Herndon plans to use the manure created by the hog farm as fertilizer, and that some of his neighbors are also interested in the fertilizer.

The farm would have 4960 head. The hogs would be kept in two ween-to-finish barns. Each barn will be 71 feet wide and 281 feet long. Biggs declined to comment on the value of the hog farm but he said it will generate $11,000-$12,000 in taxes.  Construction could start this fall if the weather cooperates and the necessary state permitting is approved soon.  Otherwise the barns will be built next spring.

Biggs said the property is in a relatively remote area that meets the setback requirements for hog farms.

County Board member Dick Marcott asked for a public informational hearing on the farm, but board rejected his motion, 13-5. 

“In our country we have the right to voice our opinion and I think it’s an opportunity to do so,” Marcott said after the county board meeting, adding he had no information about the proposed operation. Marcott said he would attend an informational meeting to learn more about it.

It’s still possible for such a meeting to be held if a petition calling for the meeting is signed by at least 75 residents and submitted to the county by Monday, August 29.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture would conduct the meeting. The Ag Department will also decide whether to grant the farm a permit to operate.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.