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Downtown Macomb Construction to Re-route Buses

Tspr's Emily boyer

The Go West bus system in Macomb will avoid the historic courthouse square this summer as major road work is underway to give the square a facelift.

McDonough County Transit Director Nathan Cobb said passengers will get dropped off and picked up about a half block away from the downtown square while construction crews will spend the next couple of months making their way around the square re-paving the road.

“I think the new routes we are going to have around the square will still be able to service and get people up there and off where they want to and not have to have a large vehicle going around the square,” Cobb said.

Cobb said if all goes well this summer, the temporary re-routing could become permanent since part the construction plans includes narrowing the road around the square in order to return to the previous four lane parking layout.

“We haven’t really had problems in the past,” Cobb said. "But that is an area where you could have more accidents because you have vehicles backing up into the lane going around.”

Cobb said there will be signs posted at bus stops to redirect passengers to where they can board. He said the online and printed route maps have not yet been updated with the new routes.  

Go West buses are free to ride for everyone. They shuttle passengers around Western Illinois University’s campus, through the downtown, and to shops along Jackson Street.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.