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Burlington City Manager to Resign

Jason Parrott
Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau submitted his two-month notice to the city on Friday, August 4.

Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau is resigning. He submitted his two-month notice to the city on Friday, Aug. 4.

Ferneau said, on Monday, the decision is based on his relationship with the city council.

“It’s been something that’s been pretty evident that there’s some dissatisfaction there,” said Ferneau. “It makes it hard for me to feel good about what I am doing because of the distractions.”

Ferneau said he questioned his ability to properly do his job when he started receiving emails from aldermen that raised concerns about the openness of city government and about the day-to-day operations of Burlington.

“It’s been something that’s occurred over the past several months,” said Ferneau. “I just received one this last week. It’s just become apparent that what is being asked of me is not what I am providing. With that in mind, I provided my two week notice.”

Ferneau said most of the emails came from a single city council member, who he declined to name.

He said several aldermen approached him to express their disappointment in his decision, but he said his mind is made up on the subject.

His announcement came a couple months after one of Ferneau’s children was killed in a car accident.

“You know, we have gone through an awful lot, from a personal standpoint, as a family the last few months, and our goal is to be able, if we can, to stay in the area,” said Ferneau.

He did not know if he would attempt to find another job in city administration, after working in city government for more than 20 years, the last five of which in Burlington.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.